About Jody

     Jody has over 36 years experience drawing caricatures in and around the Houston area, and has put all his focus in drawing the best most classy caricatures possible, you definitely have come to the right place!
Jody Standing at Wedding 2.jpg

    Jody draws faster than the average artist in Houston and his accuracy is uncanny, so your guests will be AMAZED! Because Jody has developed a freehand drawing style that is specifically suited for EVENT CARICATURES, and that means you get the fastest caricatures for amazing entertainment value because your guests will be amazed at how the lines appear so quickly and effortlessly. Plus more people will get a caricature during the time you reserve him.  And that is really what you want, the most caricatures money can buy and the best caricatures money can buy.  You get both in one artist. Not only that, but Jody uses only the highest quality papers and mediums, so you surely get the most bang for your buck! These are some of the many reasons most Entertainment Agencies choose Jody when working with their clients. You'll be glad you chose him, too!

     Jody graduated from the Art Institute of Houston in 1985.  During that time he worked at AstroWorld as a Portrait Artist and then as a Caricatures Artist, which became his passion.  Jody joined the Army and served as an Illustrator in the Armed Forces.  Eventually Jody settled down as a full time Caricature Artist and married Deby as they raised 4 wonderful children together.


     Jody won many awards while attending Clear Lake High School.  Houston Rodeo, local contests, etc.  Also, while attending the Art Institute of Houston, Jody won 1st place in the TAPS (Texas Association of Private Schools) state wide art contest and was honored by meeting the Texas Governor while representing the Art Institute of Houston and TAPS.